A Modular Controller



With Plug-Plug each player can personalize a controllable modular robot, by plugging up to three “input modules” into their controllers, each giving the playable character a unique ability. The controller serves as a hub for all input modules, there's a gyroscope inside of it allowing the player to move his robot along the ground, left or right. There are 5 unique input module types, each offering a unique ability / manner of interaction. The controller visually mirrors the playable character, so when a player plugs in an input module on the controller, the robot will receive the module’s ability on the same side. Using their unique configurations, players can face off against each other in a variety of game modes like Sumo Wrestling, Basketball, or Racing.





Plug-Plug Demonstration (alt.ctrl.GDC 2020 Showcase)

Plug-Plug was made with love for the alt.ctrl.GDC 2020 Showcase, by: François IAKOUCHEV, Matthieu CHAPELAND, Thomas GIULIANI, & Adrien SIX.